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Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation)

Anti-SLAPP motions can be a powerful tool, and an efficient way to test the strength of a lawsuit that appears to infringe on certain First Amendment rights. We have a broad range of experience in dealing with motions brought under California’s unique Anti-SLAPP statutes. We have eliminated causes of action, and even entire lawsuits, in a single stroke, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to our clients. A smattering of our anti-SLAPP motions have been against claims for malicious prosecution, breach of contract, quasi-contractual recovery, fraud or deceit, negligent misrepresentation, conspiracy, defamation (libel) and unfair competition. 

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Arbitration Proceedings

Mandatory arbitration proceedings can be an inexpensive alternative to going to trial. Marron Lawyers has successfully represented clients in numerous arbitration proceedings over a wide range of subject matter. Whether they are headed for a bet-the-business arbitration or simply attempting to resolve a dispute out of court, our clients rely on us to protect their interests. 

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Business Litigation

Our firm provides personalized and practical business litigation services from pre-lawsuit consultation, private arbitrations, administrative hearings, settlement, trial and appeal. Our outstanding record of success features countless multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. Because there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to litigation, we offer specialized services uniquely tailored to your need. Our attorneys have experience in handling a variety of matters involving commercial transportation issues; admiralty and maritime issues; real estate disputes; insurance disputes; employment and labor relations; corporations, LLCs and partnerships; licensing and royalty issues; investor and shareholder issues; and contract disputes.

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Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits can cripple businesses with huge damage awards and attorneys’ fees. We pride ourselves on our ability to defeat consumer and employee class action lawsuits. Our attorneys understand the strategies necessary to defeat wage and hour claims. We defend manufacturers of consumer goods; lenders and loan brokers; banks; and other high-profile businesses that provide products and services. Our background includes a variety of consumer claims. The Firm gained in prominence through its successful representation of several companies mired in high-profile product defect and consumer class action lawsuits – all with millions of dollars in potential liability on the line. Businesses often feel that they have no choice but to pay the exorbitant fees demanded by large law firms. Marron Lawyers offers the advantages of similarly-significant class action experience, but with competitive pricing and prudently managed overhead.  

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Commercial Transactions

Whether you are a large Fortune 500 corporation, a small start-up, or an entrepreneur, our firm is committed to meeting your legal needs. We regularly counsel clients on a broad spectrum of business commercial issues such as incorporation; real estate acquisitions; commercial leases;  insurance coverage; vendor contracts; sales of goods; franchise agreements; equipment leasing; shipping contracts; employment agreements; risk management strategies; unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance; creating and protecting trademarks; ownership structures; shareholder rights; conflicts of interest; corporate compliance; and indemnification arrangements. 

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Employment Development Department Claims and Audits

The EDD collects employer payroll taxes and administers unemployment and disability benefits. EDD decisions are reviewable by the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, a quasi-judicial body with the capacity to issue binding legal precedent. EDD claims and audits can potentially jeopardize the future of a business. With specialized experience and expertise in matters before the EDD and CUIAB, Marron Lawyers secures favorable findings, as well as reversed or reduced payroll tax assessments for its clients. We are well-versed in the law concerning workers’ status as independent contractors, and we understand the factors the EDD and CUIAB consider when investigating the classification of workers as employees or independent contractors. We represent businesses undergoing company-wide audits by the EDD, and we take pride in our ability to cooperate with EDD, all the while ensuring that payroll records are presented in an effective and thorough manner, demonstrating compliance.

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Employment Law

Our firm counsels and represents on a wide range of employment issues, laws and workplace matters: class action lawsuits; wrongful termination; retaliation claims; wage and hour claims; workers’ compensation claims; DLSE Labor Commissioner Claims; unemployment and disability insurance claims; payroll audits; harassment and discrimination claims (Title VII and FEHA); CA Family Rights Act; FMLA; ADA; FLSA; ERISA; WARN (California and Federal); and Cal/OSHA investigations and compliance. We efficiently and effectively implement preventative measures by providing counselling on workplace-related matters such as employee hiring and selection; internal policies and procedures; medical leave and disability accommodations; employee classifications; agency investigations; unemployment and workers’ compensation issues; terminations and workforce reduction strategies; negotiated settlements and severance agreements; effective use of ADR; choice of arbitration vs. mediation; and ACA compliance.

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Insurance Disputes

Marron Lawyers has assisted clients with insurance issues involving director and officer policies; general liability policies; assault and battery policies; business interruption policies; project-specific policies (for real estate developers); business interruption policies; contractor bonds; sureties; reinsurance; marine insurance policies; cargo insurance; inland marine insurance policies; homeowners insurance policies; life insurance policies; disability insurance policies; and attorney malpractice policies. Additionally, the firm has successfully represented both insurance companies and businesses in a variety of industries in cases involving bad faith claims; breach of contract claims; insurance denials; and fraud allegations, to name a few.  

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Maritime Law

We have represented a wide variety of boat manufacturers; boat dealers; marine insurance companies; “P & I” clubs; terminal operators; marinas; and many other maritime trade businesses and organizations. One of our clients is the 2nd largest marine trade organization in the U.S. Our services include matters involving commercial shipping; cargo loss and damage (air/land/sea); ocean marine and inland marine insurance; freight forwarders; NVOCCs; logistics providers; trucking and local drayage; Jones Act and PI defense; ship-owners’ limitation of liability; vessel arrests and attachments; recreational boating; private yachts; marine casualty and salvage; and ports, terminals and marinas. We have substantial experience representing yacht dealers, manufacturers and owners on a wide variety of matters involving insurance coverage disputes, breach of contract claims, statutory claims brought under California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

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Policymaking and Advocacy

High profile litigation is often not without its own political consequences. That is why, in addition to litigating on our clients’ behalf, we also pay attention to the policymaking process, appearing before state and local governing bodies to advocate for policy changes.  

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Public Utilities Commission Matters

The California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) exercises broad regulatory authority over, among other things, for-hire passenger carriers (e.g., taxicabs, limousines, and airport shuttles) and moving companies. Marron Lawyers represents businesses before the PUC on a variety of transportation-related matters. We have an intimate understanding of the PUC sections that apply to transportation service providers, and we are familiar with the related roles played by other entities like the California DMV. Companies seeking licensure to transport passengers must navigate through a tangle of certification requirements and insurance issues. Our firm is ready to assist in getting your transportation business started. We also counsel on how to remain in compliance with PUC regulations while managing day-to-day operations.  

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Real Estate

The firm’s real estate attorneys provide a wide range of real estate litigation and related transactional services for matters including sales, purchases and other transactions; residential and commercial leases; loans and lending issues; predatory lending practices; insurance issues; environmental issues; easements and restrictive covenants; liens and title defects; encroachments; eminent domain; adverse possession; rights-of-way; redevelopment projects; construction projects; construction defects; and slope failures. 

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Regulatory Matters

Marron Lawyers has presented before local, State, and Federal agencies. Administrative law refers to the laws and legal principles governing the regulatory process, and practicing administrative law requires specialized legal knowledge and experience. Our practice includes employee classification; wage and hour claims; taxation; unemployment insurance; workers’ compensation claims; local ordinances; land-use and zoning; air quality and permitting; and professional licensing. We have represented clients before regulatory bodies including the U.S. Consumer products Safety Commissioner; U.S. House of Representatives, Oversight & Government Reform Committee; WCAB; EDD; CUIAB; PUC; DLSE; Colorado House of Representatives; Colorado PUC; LA Board of Taxi Commissioners; LADOT; and Legal Services Corporation.

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Trdemarks can be words, symbols, or phrases identifying a company, brand, or manufacturer. When registered, a trademark gives you the right to use those names/symbols/phrases exclusively. If faced with a trademark dispute, or if someone else is using your trademark (trademark infringement), Marron Lawyers can protect your interests. We create and register your trademark so that you will be protected against unauthorized use. Our attorneys handle matters involving initial PTO Filings (use/intent to use (ITU) applications); registration and maintenance of trademarks; opposition to registration; trademark assignments and name changes; cancellation proceedings; and foreign trademarks. 

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We provide legal services for companies throughout the U.S. Our office is conveniently located next to a vibrant hub of global commerce and trade. We have intimate knowledge of State and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to the industry. One client is the largest taxi cab fleet west of the Mississippi River (and 5th largest in the nation). Our transportation matters have included commercial shipping contracts; drayage and trucking contracts; personal injuries; air carrier passenger and cargo liability; freight forwarders, logistics providers and truck brokers; warehousemen and cargo handlers; transport vehicle accidents; insurance coverage including inland marine and motor truck cargo indemnity; trademark disputes; licensing agreements; franchising arrangements; Cal/OSHA investigations and compliance; independent contractor misclassification; employee issues (wage and hour claims) and regulatory issues.  

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Unlawful Detainer

Marron Lawyers has a sophisticated commercial unlawful detainer practice that protects commercial landlords. We also have defended commercial tenants that have substantial positions and exposure in complex high stakes litigation. We are focused on prompt removal of troublesome holdover and other types of defaulting tenants. We have litigated the various ploys disruptive tenants use to delay eviction and can efficiently deal with same. Examples include attempts to remove to the federal courts, bankruptcies, unauthorized sub tenants, etc. We've handled multiple complex issues for both public and private landlords that have had to terminate leases. Examples include representing a $1 billion plus revenue public entity in termination leases, evicting holdovers and compensating/relocating terminated tenants so that a major public works infrastructure project could proceed on schedule and in conformance with funding deadlines. We've handled multiple problem tenants engaging in unapproved or non-conforming uses and who have caused oil spills and other environmental violations. We've assisted Fortune 1000 commercial tenants with site remediation and regulatory approval from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (45 year occupied premises with nuclear and biological contaminated soils and potential groundwater leaching). Representation of this nature includes large exposure issues regards holdover tenancy as a result of contamination, litigation and resolution of continued occupancy after lease expiration and while remediation was underway (in a tight commercial real estate market with rapidly escalating rental values). We also have an experienced insurance coverage team. This group can sometimes dramatically improve the consequences of expensive landlord/tenant litigation with review of a client's historical insurance policies. Our work in this area is not limited to representing large public entities and companies. We routinely represent small and medium sized landlords and commercial tenants. To these valued clients, their dispute is equally as important as those faced by large companies, if not more important. Our firm has developed an efficient, experienced and effective approach to these challenging cases. Our insurance knowledge has secured defense, clean up and indemnity monies that have made potentially catastrophic litigation manageable with insurance defense and indemnity funds. This sophistication is capped with real time trial experience in the unlawful detainer courts, where an informed counsel aware of the particular approaches of judges and court staff is key. 

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Wage and Hour

We defend employers against wage and hour claims brought as part of individual or class action lawsuits, or administratively before Deputy Labor Commissioners with the California Department of Industrial Relations. We hold a remarkable record of success in administrative wage and hour adjudications (“Berman Hearings”) before the Deputy Labor Commissioners. We litigate aggressively at the administrative level which is our clients’ first line of defense; and we have defeated numerous wage and hour claims brought by independent contractors alleging employee status.    

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