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Common Questions

Why Choose Marron Lawyers?

Marron Lawyers can provide highly personalized service to its clientele. We are committed to our clients’ success. Our attorneys have 100+ years of collective experience, and have an outstanding track record of success. We care about getting you the legal results that you need: our wins are your wins. We serve clients throughout California, as well as across the nation and worldwide.

Why Choose a Boutique Firm?

A boutique firm offers customized and personalized service. Large law firms cannot provide this benefit because their client base and case load is so expansive that it prohibits them from having the kind of rapport with their clients that Marron Lawyers has with ours. Our ability to serve a select number of clients means we are better able to offer you the consideration that you deserve, and give you our undivided attention.

Do I Need An Attorney?

We determine your needs and goals, and whether your claims are viable, before recommending a course of action. We avoid rushing to litigation or pushing clients in that direction unless the nature of the dispute justifies the same. We think outside the box to develop strategies to achieve positive results. Creative problem solving leads to options that allow our clients to accomplish their goals.

How Much Will It Cost?

Marron Lawyers conducts an initial intake at no cost. We will not charge any fees or accept representation, unless both the client and the firm agree that our services are needed, and our efforts will be in the client’s best interests. Post consultation, an in-depth review and analysis should allow us to determine an appropriate course of action, and associated costs.

Does the Firm Have Transactional Attorneys?

A Transactional attorney assists you with entity formation (including, but not limited to, incorporation); contract drafting and negotiation; mergers & acquisitions; copyright and trademark. Well drafted agreements help mitigate liability, and can prevent costly litigation by providing a clearly written roadmap to resolve issues that could arise.

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